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3S Cabs provides services for the purpose of providing lead generation to transportation service providers. 3S Cabs receives requests from the users of 3S Cabs’s various applications such as the website, mobile apps, phone calls and other means. 3S Cabs transfers these requests to the authorized transportation provider/ "Vendor/Driver". The "Vendor/Driver" seek, receive and fulfil the requests provided to them from 3S Cabs. The "Vendor/Driver" acknowledges and agrees that 3S Cabs is only a technology platform to provide various transportation or logistics services through its Vendors who are independent third party contractors not employed by 3S Cabs and that 3S Cabs does not provide transportation services or function as a transportation carrier or operate as an agent for the transportation of passengers.

We have taken our utmost effort to ensure that all information provided on the website is correct and up to date. We however do not provide any warranty on the completeness or accuracy of the same and do not accept any liability or damages of any kind from the usage of the content from our website.

  • Grievance Officer  : Mr. Sumit Bhattacharya 
  • Contact No.: 9826326349
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